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PALLETMANAGER is an innovative software tool, developed by Gower Optimal Algorithms and delivered by Miralis Data, which will enable you to pack your pallets or load your product trays more efficiently and thus reduce your logistics, transportation and packaging costs. In doing so it can reduce packaging requirements and dramatically cut fuel and storage costs. We have over 35 years of expertise in this specific area. PALLETMANAGER will help you cut costs by:


Improving your pallet fill / Ti/Hi thus reducing vehicle journeys and enhancing warehouse space utilisation.

Quickly showing you the cost implications / savings associated with alternate collation quantities.

Reducing your packaging costs and cutting waste.

Optimising pallet and tray fill - see instantly what change of a few mm. would save you in packaging and transport costs.

Rationalising product and case designs.

Comparing side by side the load efficiency of using different pallet sizes.

Providing your staff and customers with detailed optimised specifications in a wide variety of printed and electronic formats in English, French, German or Spanish.

VIDEO: View a short video here [It may take a few seconds before the video begins]

As recently commented by a long-time user "Simply a software product any packaging technologist must have"

It provides real optimisation and unique 'Do Better' tools (see this pdf) which guide you in loading more product. Our software has improvement tools found in no other software (see this pdf) and if you need to compare palletisation performance on different pallet sizes side by side then once again PALLETMANAGER provides the solution (see this pdf). If you need to analyse and report on thousands of products quickly? - the solution is here!

As with all our software products, ease of use, optimality of solutions and software reliability are key features.

View the experiences of customers to see why companies both large and small in over 40 countries including Boxes Prestige, Cuisine de France, Diageo, Disney, Estee Lauder, Hallmark Cards, Iceland, Meyer Group, Northern Foods, Panasonic, Princes Foods, Scottish Courage, Taylors, Ultimate Products and Unilever rely on PALLETMANAGER.

What would a 5%-10% cost saving on a major product line be worth to you? One SME user saved 25,000 UK pounds / yr on a single product. Many others have cut 10% - 20% off their packaging and distribution costs - sometimes with a single click of the mouse, saving them millions of pounds / year.

For packing / loading of mixed products into trailers / containers see our CARGOMANAGER pages.

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