We wish you all the best in using this powerful but easy to use software which will reduce your palletisation, packaging, warehousing and distribution costs.

This page provides links to our short Getting Started Guide together with information on New and Recently Introduced Features.

It also provides access to the sections of the full 120 page manual. Most application screens provide access to both the manual and more specific Help screens. Installations made from CD are able to access the same information in a fully searchable format from the opening screen of the application. This allows a search to be carried out across the whole manual and relevance links reported back.

Technical questions on and post installation are dealt with in Section 2 and Appendix 1. Additional technical and product information can be found at Technical Support.

Please note that the screen displays within this documentation are primarily those displayed on a computer using the minimum supported screen resolution of 800*600. Where a higher resolution display is in use (1024*768 or greater) this is detected by the software and additional information may be displayed.



Features that have been recently introduced.
Access the Short Getting Started Manual.
Section 1 - Introduction / This Release Section 2 - Installation
Section 3 - A Guided Tour Section 4 - Setting Default Data
Section 5 - Improving Solutions and Advanced features Section 6 - Further Collation Mode Features
Section 7 - Fixed Volume Section 8 - Cube Mode
Section 9 - The Store Module Section 10 - Cylindrical Packing
Section 11 - Top Layer & Alternate Stacking Section 12 - Tertiary Mode
Section 13 - Case Rationalisation and Utilities. Section 14 - The Webbase Module.
Section 15 - The Do Better Module Section 16 - Trays, Tote Boxes and Slipsheets.
Section 17 - PM Spreadsheet Link Section 18 - Glossary
Appendix 1 - Technical Support Appendix 2 - e_PALLET
  Subject Index