Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd (GOAL) staff have for over 30 years provided quality logistics software solutions to companies worldwide. See what some of our clients think about our products.

We first demonstrated personal computer based pallet loading solutions at international logistics events as far back as 1980 (pre the IBM pc!), and the whilst our modern windows products bear little relation to the software offerings at that time what does remain constant is the optimality and practicality of the solutions obtained.  

Cheaper software products can be found on the Internet, but remember - What is the use of having pallet loading software which may not, in fact, maximise pallet fill and also not answer the questions YOU need it to!!. Our products have a proven pedigree second to none - both in companies worldwide and in the international scientific literature.

Our key success factors are:

Reliable, stable, high quality windows based applications for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/8 or Windows 10.
A simple and easy to use interface geared to the end user and his/her needs.
Analysis and reporting meeting the needs of professional packaging & design staff.
Behind the easy to learn interface some unique and highly sophisticated solution methods.
Excellent documentation - full hyperlinked manuals and windows help screens available within the applications.
A responsive support and development team who know our products in-depth.
A proven scientific basis - what good is a palletisation solution which can be improved upon! - our staff are at the cutting edge of research in cutting & packing problems and have written many dozens of scientific papers in the international literature.


Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd, Swansea, U.K.

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