The Benefits of Using Palletmanager



Companies of all sizes - from multi-nationals to SME's benefit from using our software. See 'What our Users Say'. Prove to yourself (or your boss) that you can save the cost of the software in a matter of weeks (or on some occasions minutes!) - request to trial a full copy without cost or obligation.

It is important to appreciate that PALLETMANAGER is NOT just about optimal pallet layouts - this is just one element within a highly sophisticated modular product!. Fitting more of an existing (fixed) case size onto a pallet may save you a great deal of money (25,000 UK pounds / year on one product alone for one SME user) - and you can purchase just this module. However if you have any control over case sizing, case design, packaging material selection or product design then even greater savings are possible - reduced packaging costs, improved utilisation, cut transport and storage costs, case size rationalisation etc etc.. 

YOU DO NOT NEED PALLETMANAGER if you can confirm ALL the following points:

That all pallet layouts / tray fills make 100% use of the available load area without any wasted space in the centre or at the edges of the layout.
That any software that you currently use provides you with OPTIMAL solutions (a number do not maximise pallet fill)
That all loaded pallets / trays completely utilise the available loading height.
You have fully investigated the implications of alternative case designs (material choice, strength, alternate collation arrangements, collation quantities etc) on fill and on packaging and distribution costs.
There are no opportunities for further case rationalisation / standardisation within your supply chain?  
You have fully investigated all possible minor changes in product dimensions or case specification on your distribution and packaging costs?

If you answered yes to all the above then you probably already use PALLETMANAGER!

PALLETMANAGER is modular, thus you purchase those modules you need for your business. A summary of the modules is available here

VIDEO: View a short video here [It may take a few seconds before the video begins]

Our evaluation & trial systems allow you to try out all modes of operation prior to purchase.